I started house hunting three months ago. A family friend referred Emily to us. It has been a smooth and pleasant working relationship. She helped us get a lovely single family house in Sunnyvale last month. Emily is extremely knowledgeable about the housing market in the south bay area. Her estimates were close to the final price for the first two houses we bidded. Even though we didn't get either of those two houses with our conservative bids, those experiences built the mutual trust. On the third time, we successfully got the lovely house. (For those who have been in the market, you will know how hard it is to get a house in the Valley.) Emily is super patient. She never pushes us to bid unless we wanted to. There were a few houses that I went back and forth, and she patiently showed me around to ensure all my questions and concerns were addressed. Emily also values long term relationships and arranged an amazing housewarming party for us.

Xi L. Sunnyvale
It's excellent experience working with Emily to sell our condo. She was extremely prepared and organized for the first we met, having done all the market research and planned a laid out schedule and only took a few weeks, and even responded to all emails and phone calls in a timely manner. She is always making sure all the details are taken care and go smoothly. Our home sold just a few weeks of listing with great offers, and we closed earlier than what we expected. Eventually, we got a great deal and closed the deal smoothly. we highly recommend Emily as a real estate agent to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She was a wonderful experienced agent. We feel really lucky to have Emily as our agent.

A resident OF MOUNTAIN VIEW,CA for 20 years

Emily did a great job! She was patient and always answered our questions in
timely manner. We are glad we have Emily as our realtor and have recommended
her to our friends.

-Chia Ju C., Software Engineer

Two months ago, we started researching whether to continue renting or buy our first home, with practically no knowledge of the market, mortgaging and all its processes, Emily quickly helped us narrow down our housing preference and budget range to build a watch-list for us. With pretty much all the housing opportunities popping out and closing within a few days, Emily always kept us updated on fresh opportunities that fit our needs.

Then the house we loved at first sight appeared, scheduled to close with only 3 days on the market. We were financially under-prepared. Emily with her financial partner Caroline helped us secure a mortgage pre-approval with good rates to make a strong offer. Emily explained every process and addressed every problem to satisfaction, wasting very little time.

It took a couple of attempts until someone finally accepted our offer. From the searching process all the way to closing, Emily had been transparent on all the fees and commissions, she has always answered or redirected our question and problems to the proper expert within a day, she was always there to negotiate a better deal on our behave. She is professional, efficient, attentive. She's just that good at her job. I don't know how much more professional or resourceful a realtor can get, so I strongly recommend working with Emily and her team.

-Yu Hsin S., SW Engineer

We had an excellent experience working with Emily to sell our townhome.
She came extremely prepared and organized for the first meeting; having
done all the local market research and even planned a carefully laid out
schedule. A process that I thought would take many months, only took several
weeks. She is extremely professional and responded to all emails and phone
calls in an exceptionally timely manner. Even before I went back to check my
email, she had already written multiple responses. Because of her diligence
we were always on time or faster than the projected schedule.

She is very meticulous, making sure all the details are taken care of so that
everything went smoothly. I really appreciated that with my busy schedule and
even having a baby during the time we were selling, she still managed to keep
us ahead of schedule. Our home sold within just a few weeks of listing with
multiple great offers, and we closed earlier than expected.

Overall, a wonderful experience with a wonderful agent. If you want a professional,
personalized, detailed oriented, and attentive experience, go with Emily.
Highly recommended.

-Wei Liu, MD and Allen Liu, Software Engineer

As a first time home buyer without much knowledge about the entire
process, Emily accomplished a mission impossible to help us buy a condo
in short sale. She explained every step for purchasing in detail and is
always very patient to answer any questions we have in a timely manner.
More importantly, she has strong connections to other people in different
aspects and is willing to consult them for us. For example, we had contacted
some loaning agents by ourselves about the mortgage before meeting Emily
but most of the packages were disappointing. After discussing with Emily,
we were referred by her to one agent she collaborated well with.
Eventually, we got a great deal for the mortgage and closed the deal smoothly.

Since the property we purchased was a short sale. There were more complicated
and lengthy processes to deal with than a regular sale. Emily is very good at
communicating with other parties involved and often negotiated a better deal
for us. Not to mention that we were very busy with our new jobs during that
period and Emily basically helped us take care of all the details. In summary,
we highly recommend Emily as a real estate agent and would be happy to work
with her again in the future.

-SY C. Post doctor at Stanford University

Emily Chiang is a very knowledgeable real estate professional.
We really treasured her honest opinions on the properties that
she brought us to see. She was always responsive to our requests while
working with us in the past four years.

- Peng and Lois, Private Investors

Rating: 5 stars

We just purchased a townhouse with Emily and would strongly
recommend Emily Chiang to you. She is very professional, highly
knowledgable about the market, super patient and friendly.

As first-time home-buyers, we really appreciate that Emily has
patiently helped us through every step of the entire process and
has been always available to help us. She kept track of new listings
and would inform us when interesting lists appear. For listings that
interested us, Emily would show the listings to us or go to the open
house together with us and provide valuable information and advice to us.
She always answers our phone calls and emails promptly, even on weekends
and at nights. For questions that require asking other people, Emily would
quickly follow up with the related people and get back to us at the earliest
possible moment. Throughout the process, we feel that Emily did an outstanding
job at representing and helping us the buyers. We feel really lucky to have
found Emily as our agent.

- Xiao, Software Engineer
- Yunnan, Software Engineer, Ph.D.

We would give Emily Chiang our highest recommendations among the five
realtors that we have worked with in the past. She is clearly professional
and went above and beyond as demonstrated by her due-diligence, easy
accessibility as well as her no-pressure approach that made our purchase
transaction seamless.

That she was customer oriented was reflected in her earnest, down-to-earth
and very personable approach.

Regrettably, the only notable downside was not having her involved earlier
in our transactions.

- Ann and MW, M.D.

I am happy to be in nice condominium Emily helped me to acquire.
Since I am a out of town purchaser, I encountered many time constraints,
complicated schedules, funding plan and so on. Emily was extremely
helpful to accept all of these problems with me and yet to carry on
house hunting and went through all of procedures for final decision.
She provided many personal help going out of her ways to render
support for me. She helped me out with her professionalism and
knowledge to make things happen. I am deeply grateful to her.

I am very glad to have met her and definitely will bring my friends to
her for house hunting in this area.

Soowon Kim, Retired librarian, Pricenton University

Emily is a good Realtor agent. She is diligent and courteous but not pushy.

We bought a condominium through her. The unit was not even listed but
she dug it out after our offer for another similar unit didn't go through.

We highly recommend her for anyone looking for residence in Santa Clara county.

Y. Huang, Retired Business Owner

Now, after a year of renting, we finally settled down. I can´t believe
that I am sitting in my living room drinking coffee in my Palo Alto home.
My kid is going to great Palo Alto school within biking distance. My husband´s
job is shorter distance now which give him more time to spend among the family,
he feels great! We are really happy with where we are at and with the price
that we paid for this house.

The first person that I wanted to thank is Emily Chiang. With a short
interview, she knew exactly what type of properties that we were looking for.
We really appreciated her not only found us the right property but also within
our price range. She acted quickly right after the listing was up on the market
and the entire escrow process was just as smooth as it can be. Her professionalism
made the entire closing process under control. We´ve always heard how hard it
is to made offers if there is more than one interested buyers. But Emily did a
great job presenting our offer to the seller with a price that was not the highest.
We are glad that we had her as our real estate agent, if there is other
opportunities to buy a property again in this area, she would definitely be our
number one choice.

Thank you Emily!

Joanne So
Dental Professional

I knew I'd chosen the right agent the first time I met Emily in my Palo Alto home.
In what was generally a depressed housing market, it wasn't the best time to sell.
But Emily's tenacity and tireless dedication to finding all potential buyers in the
area made it possible to sell my home within weeks rather than months. Without
her expertise, insight, and invaluable counsel, I've no doubt I'd still be looking for
a buyer today. I'd recommend Emily without hesitation to anyone looking to buy or
sell a home. In these difficult financial times, a superior realtor can make all the
difference in the world. Those fortunate enough to find Emily will have such a realtor.

Andrea Kim
A resident of Palo Alto for 17 years

Emily has an ideal set of professional skills which include keen
observation of the market, strong technical skills, and an effective
working manner. When unexpected events occurred, Emily was quick
to step in and help us with alternative solutions. We appreciated her
work, and trust Emily as our preferred realtor.

Paul Liu, Ph.D., C.E.O.
Jen Liu M.D.

Emily is knowledgable, competent and helps me make decisions faster
and easier. She did a good job on negotiating the best price for me. I
am happy with her service and glad to refer her to my friends.

Li May-- -- a mom with 2 loving kids and a marketing professional in Palo Alto

Emily did a great job for us, she delivered on every promise
she made and communicated in a straight forward manner that
kept us in the loop. When a problem occurred Emily quickly let
us know the situation and what she was doing to solve it.

I am happy with the home, the way the transaction was handled,
and her efficiency. I would certainly recommend Emily to anyone
thinking of buying Homes.

Woanyu Yu
Yenwen Lu (Ph.D., Senior director of Engineering)

Dear Emily,

We truly appreciate your time and effort in educating us about the
Palo Alto real estate market. You were always responsive and
extremely patient to answer our list of long questions. You can
definitely count on our recommendation for your services to our friends.
Thank you very much Emily.

Shirley Lin
Foster City

Dear Emily,

Congratulations again! You did a fantastic job presenting
the offer. My sellers and we were very impressed.


Donna & Neal Schwartz (Realtor, Coldwell Banker of Saratoga)